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>> poor bob. >> we have to go. that's it for "the five." see you tomorrow, everybody. willie roberts tomorrow from willie roberts tomorrow from welcome to "red eye." it is like wheel of fortune, if by fortune you mean toes i removed from various drifters. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show. >> thanks, greg. coming up, attorney general eric holder announces a new policy that will do away with mandatory minimum sentences for some drug offenders. some say the changes are overdue, but some say it will result in the streets being over run with crack fiends and smack heads. just the way obama wanted it. and did they commandeer an osprey and force them to take them to martha's vineyard? that's ahead. and talking about owner of a lonely heart and should it be
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in the rock and roll hall of fame? some say no others say -- well you probably know where i am going with this one. >> it is hot in here. >> i like the new studio. i like the permanent studio. >> it is permanent, exactly. it is actually on the 57th floor. >> that's great. especially considering the building only has 54 floors. >> i know, i know. it is a magical place. go away. let's welcome our guest. she is so sweet that maple syrup pours her over its pancakes. dana perino white house press secretary and one of my many co-hosts on "the five." if hilarity was any lip tau cal machine i would ride him at the gym. it is gavin mcguinness. his book, "death of cool." you should buy it. it is available in paperback. and even in his home he is arrested for trespassing. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so country he burps hay.
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legendary music singer and song writer clint back -- clint black. clint back. his album is on sale at cracker barrel old country store. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. greg, i carried the body. i am waiting for instruction. >> thank you. i actually go by my cheese at tower records. >> it is not fried though at tower records. >> no, it is not. are they too tough on his bluff? a college student has been behind bars after making a threat about shooting up his school. caleb clemens posted on tumbler "i plan on shooting up georgia southern. i want to see if i get arrested." sure enough a few hours later somebody alerted the school
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and the psych major, yes h yes psych major, was arrested for making threats via computer. but they say the whole thing was a,ett qo, experimental literary piece and art project. cops found no weapons or plans that he was actually planning an attack, but still faces years in prison which is almost as bad as majoring in psychology. you know what i would rather focus on? this. >> scarlet, come on. come on. come down. come on baby. oh, sally will help you. >> this is how you do it. go down. there you go. see. there we go. >> that's meed yolker. in the green room you said he should be on death row which shocked me because all he did was make a joke. >> i am tough on crime and i will be announcing my candidacy soon. one of the things they call him is a kid. he is 20 years old.
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he could be fighting in iraq or afghanistan. instead he is a psych major at georgia southern. i actually think the judge could have used discretion here. they apparently have not found any evidence. i don't understand why they are calling this an artistic statement. i don't understand the art of it. >> you don't? that's because you are narrow minded. if you just opened your head and saw that everything can be art, clint, everything can be art. your hat is art. >> no, not everything. but i think just to play along in the whole prank idea with him that the jailers ought to show up every day and just yell, psych! >> that's funny. the whole imprisonment thing they should say we are putting you away for three years as part of our art project. in museums somebody will sit in a room for days and they will call that art, gavin. isn't there some other lesser charge? when somebody does something stupid on the internet,
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shouldn't there be an internet sentencing committee that says, okay, we get to humiliate you? >> i would say -- i mean, i am not the president, but if i was i would say the law should be changed to two purple nurples, aing a noogie and one of those where you crn't stand. there is too much fear about school shootings. everybody thinks it is happening every week and more people die from bee stings. i think it is because people don't do the math anymore and check the numbers. i think it is because they don't go to school because they are scared of school shootings. >> circular. >> wow. go back to math class. i know it is a horrible thing, but it is not an epidemic. >> statistics are boring. let's face it. >> cigarettes and obesity kill half a million people. there is probably 300 people killed in the past five years with an automatic weapon. anne anne i
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>> i wish one of them was bill. no, i'm kidding. >> when did you start saying i'm kidding? that is a new one. >> your parents consider you an art project. it is why humans shouldn't breathe. >> and then nailed me to a wall. ouch. totally having fun with you, kids. let the punishment fit the crime. prisons are overcroweded as it is. this kid was an i idiot. he should suffer some consequences. although, greg, you told me about the story and i was on tubler all day and i just found various bath salts and scented candles and deals on enya albums. i think you made it up. you should go to prison. >> i was one letter off. >> there are great loofah's on tubler, but no this story. >> i thought you were going to say it is a fetish site for men who like large women. >> there is a section for tub thumping. it is a great one.
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>> psych majors are all evil, aren't they? can't we agree? >> they like scientology. >> i think psych majors are just those who don't know what they want to do in the future and had to declare a major and that sounded like the best possible thing. >> like journalism majors. >> that's true too. from going to jail to getting out of it, should we shrink time in the clink? the obama administration is seeking to ease over crowding by scaling back stiff drug sentences. attorney general eric holder says he is changing justice department policy so the, quotes, low-level, nonviolent, end quote, drug offenders will not face minimum sentences and will receive $10,000 in cash only in obama's america. roll with the boring tape. >> widespread incarceration at the federal, state and local levels is both ineffective and unsustainable. it imposes a significant
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economic burden totaling $80 billion in 2010 alone, and it comes with human and moral costs that are impossible to calculate. >> is that like hillary's older sister back there? he also introduced related policies that would expand compassionate released of elderly prisoners. i bet they are going to be adorable like this. >> is that willford? >> yes. he is doing time foreman slaughter. for manslaughter. clint, how should we fix the criminal justice system? >> i look at it from a personal standpoint. i would really -- okay that's all i have. >> all right, all right, you can say more. >> i would really like for the jails to be more roomy in case i get thrown into them. >> why daunt -- i am half for what holders are talking about. but if you have -- if crime is going down and the prisons are overcrowded why not build more prisons which would actually
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create more jobs. a lot happen to like prisons. it is great for the economy in their local area. nobody cares about this. >> i like seeing the shiny barbed wire when i drive by. >> i like to heckle them. >> crime rates have plummeted so is holder trying to solve a problem? >> crime rates go down when you incarcerate more people, but the theory of build more prisons and make more jobs is stupid. >> why? >> you are not creating real jobs. you are creating a guy digging a hole and then filling up the hole again. >> you are getting wardens. you have people who build the prison. >> but those are not real jobs. those are fake jobs. >> what if you privatize prisons? >> how do you privatize them? where does the money come from? >> you can privatize them. >> but the money has to come from the government at some point. >> you have to pay to be private. >> what, is it their own private cell? >> and spa.
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>> i do want all drugs legalized, but what about those guys who just do 10 years and they finish the time and there is a pot plant and the other guy goes, yeah, i am getting out too. the whole thing changed and i am there for 30 days. >> it is the same charge. okay, well congratulations. >> so we should just keep on going bailed on what we have in-- going bailed on what we have had in the past. you know what that is called? vietnam, dude. we put so much into it. use your logic. >> you know death row meals? who ever gets the old charges gets what they want. >> i'll buy that. >> crazy dinner with all kinds of stuff. >> you know what he could get him back on, a burger filled with drugs after they legalize it. >> let's move on. >> dana, i have to ask you, is this good news for bad guys or good news for good guys or just news?
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>> i have to hand it to the administration. they took august which is a very slow news time to make an announcement when congress is out of town, one of the problems with this could be that it might be a perfectly good idea. but it is something that should go through congress. president obama seems to not ever -- they always try to find the way, the water with the path of least resistance. figure out a way to do it without having to take on the tough questions. i am not vying the point that they will save money. it might be a few thousand dollars here or there, but anybody who gets out of prison especially the elderly, they will be on government assistance for the rest of their lives. it will be health care, housing, food stamps and perhaps solar panels. >> but taking the edge off the war on drugs is also going to save money. >> billions. >> hold it. nobody told me we were supposed to have real answers. >> you know, the thing is, if prosecutors can work around the law and they are told to
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work around the law, why can't we? i mean, this is a case where to solve a problem they are saying ignore the law. why not change the law like you said? >> i think it is because congress actually cannot get -- they can't even pass a mother's day resolution. >> thank god for that. >> when it comes to drugs i work around the law every day. it is really simple. mind your p's and q's, kids, and you can do it too. >> there saw lot happening with the state. as they start to legalize marijuana and certain medical marijuana or wtever, the federal and the state laws are so completely screwed up that the prosecutors and the police don't really know what to do anymore. there needs to be a more comprehensive -- >> it has to be across the board. they are waiting to invest, but they don't want to invest in the only legal -- in pot. big fortune 500. >> they already have the pack of the marlboro green design according to a website that is unattributable. >> i like the idea, but i
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don't like the guy with the idea. i like the elderly guys because the studies show the older you get the less likely you will recidivate. >> commit a crime again. >> i should have just said that. but i want to impress people at 3:00 a.m. from lean yen seen to wieniency. anthony wiener unveiled his campaign tv commercial and perhaps now we can focus on his bold vision for new york, please. look with your peepers fans with creepers. >> i have wasted the campaign and fought for the middle class and struggling to make it. i put out two books of new ideas. powerful voices have made it clear from the beginning they didn't want me to win. this is not what they want. they have gotten their way for far too long. if you give me the chance i will fight for you and your family every single day. >> the pathological poll reportedly spent a half a million dollars on that ad
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bite. speaking of needing attention -- >> you look beautiful. >> keep going. >> don't stop. that feels good. >> stop doing it for a minute. >> he tasted delicious. gavin, you were saying in the green room that wiener is misunderstood and he not only has your vote, but your love. >> i do not recall saying that. i do feel sympathy for him. the guy just has these journalists all over him and sticking to him like glue. he is trying to walk forward and do an election and they are all over him with these infantile publics preventing -- puns preventing him from doing his job. the only way he can move forward in the election is just to beat off every single one of these journalists. >> are you saying to beat off
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all journalists? >> if you are in a situation where journalists are preventing you from doing your job because they are all over you, beat them off. beat them off until you are totally done. >> maybe in the privacy of your own administration, but not in the public. >> it has to be done in public. that's where they are attacking him. just beat, beat, beat them off. >> he has made a compelling, compelling argument. >> and then get to the issues that matter, the policies. >> exactly, dana. these are people who are trying to stop him. who is this mysterious -- >> we are having another out of body experience. >> i thought he would go to somebody else first. >> i am not surprised in his ad. he doesn't mention the fact that he has some sort of sex addiction thing. but i still go back to if we don't care what people do in their bedrooms, then why do we care what he is doing on his phone? he said he would rip up all of
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the f-ing bike lanes in new york city. he said that. i am for that, doing that to the journalists and then find out what the issues are. elliott spit swre r -- spitzer, his ads are so blatantly evil, and he embraces it. anthony wiener, just embrace it. >> embrace it. >> why not? >> wiener should just embrace it. okay. >> he should embrace himself. >> don't take us down your torrid, disgusting path. >> if you were to give him some advice, what would it be? >> i would like to yield my time to gavin. i like where he is going with this. >> we are not going back to that point. >> standards and practices. >> visitor tony wiener. drop the tony. there are too many jokes in it.
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>> no, if he can beat up the journalists and focus on policies -- new york used to be the most powerful city. the empire state building wase ect ared in one year -- was erected in one year during the depression. the chrysler building was erected in a year. during -- >> during the depression. get back to the erecting. >> you know what will happen? i will go to a break. bill, what do you make -- i think we have good tape of wiener today at the -- was it is puerto rican parade? there you go. you have to take a look. there was something about him. he has changed. he has gotten creepier. bill, as a resident creep, a creepy expert -- >> look at him. he is like a spoiled kid at his bar mitzvah on add dash
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dosh on aderol. >> which is what he used to do. you know what kind of mayor dresses in a flag is like one a mayor of 1200 not the capital of the world. >> why not? he wants to win. >> dressed like the dominican flag? >> you have to come part mental lies your voters and if he thinks they may vote for him, i would dress in a flag too. i would drape myself. >> wrap it, wrap it up. coming up -- you are so bad. this is an awful man. it is public transportation for suckers. dana perrine gnaw discusses her new book "i strap two birds to my feet and fly to work." first, dogs using i pads. it is the story the lame-stream media doesn't want you to hear.
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he has qualms about alms. he says rich people donating dough eases their conscience, but it doesn't next the problem. in 2006, a year, buffet, the billionaire investor and my scrabble partner said he would give away 85% of his fortune, but his son, peter argues in a new york times piece that it has unintended consequences and fuels the perpetual poverty machine. the younger composer writes, whether it involves farming methods and job training or business development over and over i would hear people discuss transplanting what worked in one setting directly into another with culture,
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geography and norms. that was a quote perfect for tv. and this is a turtle. >> why is he going like that? >> he is trying to take the garbage out to the garbage can. >> mommy, help him. >> i can't help him with this. is that funny? >> why are you not going to help him? >> that's something he has to do on his own. >> and that's where turtle garbage babies come from. >> i love it. >> gavin, is this a bad message to send that most charity isn't effective? >> i am just glad he is not singing that horrible song, margaritaville anymore. blew out my flip-flop? >> have you ever listened to it on a beach? it is the perfect summer song. >> isn't that the most profitable song ever?
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>> really? well he has a whole empire. that brings me to my real poi fl t that it is true. it does hinder people. look at american indians. you can't buy self-esteem. if you want to help somebody, give them a job. >> that's an interesting transition to you, clint. i think it was turtle from the show "entourage" that says give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. teachers and a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. i think he said it in 2009. >> let it wash over you. >> i am trying to figure out if i have less interest in this than statistics. i can't figure it out. i would like to try this feel goodbye doing charitable things thing. it sounds like fun. >> it stings if you are scottish. >> i don't understand this debate. >> how can i make it clearer for you? >> shall i sing about it? >> i have seen so much good
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being done around the country and around the world through charity. i see it up close and personal and maybe that is the problem with it. >> you know what it is? maybe it is because he is pissed off and his dad is giving away his money. >> now i understand it. >> he is pissed off. dana, you believe you should not only not give to the poor, buts you should take from them which is callus. >> i walk by the homeless people on the street and i take the cup they have. >> you have a collection. >> yes. >> there is a pattern of very wealthy children of famous people and especially in the energy world like the steal magnets. the children were these do gooder people. climate change and global warming was a big deal. then the government took over. the government does that now. now they do other things. there is one way for all of this, for him to support poor people being able to succeed
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in america right now and it is right at our fingertips. it is the fracking technology. all of the rich people should come out and say president obama, governors, state and local governments, we are for this. environmental do gooders, we are out of here and provide people the opportunity to have a job. >> if you go upstate there is the no fracking signs on the manicured lawns and the beautiful homes and the cars with cinder blocks, they don't have the signs. >> but the people more rich than they are are totally for fracking. they should put their money where their frack mouths are. >> your lifestyle is supported by rich elderly men. can you write that off as a charity? >> that hit a sore spot for you. a brother's got to eat. the work that has been done for malaria and aids in africa, 7 million, 2 million to 3 million a year. he gave no statistics. he mentioned a couple of things about condoms and
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raising the price for sex workers. this guy is coming from no where except sour grapes because his dad gave his trust fund. >> charity has been brutal. >> it depends on what way. >> africa has been much worse. >> scat mosquitoes that no longer bite you. >> we tell them what to do. >> charity for equipment. speaking as one who gives charity every day from one miss dana perino who provides me lunches from very nice restaurants i gained five pounds and my teeth have stopped falling out. >> that is actually not a lie. she comes by every day and drops food off for bill like a dog. it is like he is a little dog. >> it is believe in bill .org. look it up. dana started it. give me your food, people. it is lovely. >> i don't like to waste food. i have a few bites and i bring the rest to bill. >> and i make sure i bite the part where she bit first.
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>> i am not against charity. the knights of columbus are good and we deed charitable organizations. but free money like lottery winners are always broken for five years and a lot of the welfare programs are all soft. >> you bring up native americans because you are part native americans. there are good in all charities. >> there is a thing that drives me nuts. i have to go after this because it is my point. people who give money to the homeless where you live and they are coming from new jersey or coming from somebody and see a homeless person in front of your apartment sitting there wasted and they give them money which means that guy is not going to leave in front of my apartment. so this person from out of town comes and actually encourages somebody -- somebody to sit and crap in front of my apartment because he doesn't have to move because he is doing well jie. maybe if you were nicer to me i wouldn't crap in front of your apartment. i will eat my fiber
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elsewhere. >> it is because dana keeps feeding you you don't stop craping. >> she gives it to me and i give it back. >> it is paying it forward. >> pooping it forward. >> what is it like to be more adorable than a thousand lady bugs ? dana perino discusses her latest book. first, does bo know impeachment? we will discuss why this so-called presidential dog is probably behind the benghazi cover up, after the break.
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will your cat like this app? that's not even a rhyme. they are letting their animals paw their ipads. according to the "wall street journal" which is other owned by our parent company, they say the apes can entertain animals -- the apps can entertain animals left alone at home. they can engage the loner animals. one new york city dog trainer does ipad lessons, teaching them to nose the screen to activate apps. three popular apps for cats have been downloaded a million times. shoot me in the face. discuss anyway how shall in here. >> lightning roooooouuuunnnnnndd. lightning round. >> dana, you actually pitched this story, so i'm guessing you think it is genius even though it is cruel to torture your pet like this. >> you might be surprised. i am against this. >> wow. >> yeah.
12:34 am
it is preposterous, over the top, first world-type problem. i would prefer my dog to be outside and running and playing and doing all of the things dogs used to do. >> that's delightful. even when you are not around let them roam free and get hit by a truck. >> i never really leave them alone. at the park he was chasing a bubble and i gave the guy five bucks. >> i know what else she said with bubble. >> i saw a skinny armenian man. gavin, this is supposed to entertain spets stranded alone, but is it better to let him chew on a cushion? >> it is unnatural, and it is unnatural to see human menussing ipads. it is a lady device. it is for pintrest and perusing ensembles. but when men are there and at a meeting and doing their thing -- >> i agree jie. men are meant to be hunters. have i to get that contract and let me write a proposal. not look at all of the contracts i am not bidding on. >> i hated it. >> if i see a man on an ipad i
12:35 am
say that's a woman man. i don't like him anymore. >> you don't? they are off your list? >> i like them. >> i agree. especially on a plane. they are playing their video games. that's terrible. >> the little books are on a little shelf. >> my problem is i lick my finger before i do it. >> i am learning to be hateful. >> i think if the dog has done its chores and eaten the kid's homework he should be able to play on the ipad. >> if they learn anything it is to order crap. what will dogs order anyway? >> what won't they order? >> well, a lot of you dog lovers tell me they are saying what is he doing in my chair and all of that. i know what they are saying. they are saying food, food, sex, sex. >> that's what was in your book i disagreed with. >> food, food, territory, food, food, food. >> in the grain room i said there was a part of your article i disagreed with and
12:36 am
it is that. >> what part? dogs are not going, well, well, well, look who this is. somebody is in a bad mood. not having dessert today? why not? a threat? not a threat? uh, uh, territory, uh. >> true. >> a direct insult. >> so, we are staying on the dog topic. the obama family is on vacation in martha's vineyard which i believe is somewhere in texas. how exactly did bo go, however? a british newspaper reported that the obama's dog was airlifted to the secluded retreat. but according to the press pool, the white house dog was not the only one on the osprey that cost a million dollars an hour to operate and takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane and then melts. >> what? >> i don't know. also on the flight was white house staff, luggage, journalists and a stowaway named "lucky carl." i wonder how he got that name. and joe joe biden's dogs had
12:37 am
to join him on vacation, by dash -- dash by -- by. well look. >> oh, well see they boated and they voted. cute. >> gavin, should both obama and the dog be impeached even though this story is untrue? >> because we are discussing it is an example of racism? >> what about when bush took his dog to the hamptons? >> that's true. >> but obama, we have to talk about it. >> and bo is black. >> like somebody else. >> anything negative said about anyone that is black is a racist. >> it is only when you say it. how many times do you have to listen to me? >> day dana, -- dana, how do you deal with this stuff?
12:38 am
it was tweeted to me a thousand times. the newspaper article says the dog was on the osprey. you know that's not true. if neb is on the ons -- if anybody is on the ons sproa it is an entire staff of people. nobody would be that nuts. but people chose to run with it. >> it is a great example of obama derangement syndrome. a lot of people who saw that probably believed it. the second thing is journalism is dead. in the press pool report from the white house where all of the reporters share one piece of information, it actually said that the dog walked through the press camp and on air force 1 and on the way to martha's vineyard. some british newspaper can ignore a published report by an american journalist who was there and gets two days worth of news out of it is incredible. >> and awesome, don't you think? >> who cares it is wrong. this is what they did to mitt romney and this is what they did to every republican. why not repay the favor with
12:39 am
having sensation alba loan knee? >> why not focus on the real point which the dog on the osprey was for its own protection. they missed the whole story. >> bill, last word to you. that dog will only live for about 10 years and will have an infinitely better life than you. >> after 10 years i knew where this was going. there was a life span thing coming in there. >> i propose a second theory. perhaps there is a second bo. there is one on the osprey that is a decoy and the real bo was on the press plane that brings me to the big point, too many blocks. sometimes it is a slow news day, but you have to fill the blocks. every once in awhile you are looking around and that, that and no i don't want to talk about that. this bo thing isn't real, but you know, let's discuss something. too many blocks, people. there is better news in august. >> and it helps if certain people on the staff pitch stories we can use, bill.
12:40 am
>> that one about jerry lewis, the day the clown cried, that was a block material. open your eyes. >> we will do an a block about the movie jie. involving the clown no less. >> we have to take a break. >> we can't do shark attacks every day. actually -- >> when we come back, we will talk about "the joy of hate", autographed copy g the greatest book ever written by me this year.
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finally republicans and democrats are coming together to get yes into the rock and roll hall of fame. it is called voices for yes and lead by political consultants for both parties and aimes to get the legendary boy band the respect it deserves. said one of the campaign's leaders, quote, the novel thing about this is it is something republicans and democrats are able to come together on. you know, maybe it isn't a bad start. maybe the first step to any
12:44 am
gridlock in washington turns out to be music. i even came up with a motto. don't say no when it comes to this band. >> i get it. >> clint, you are a musician and what do you think of all of this? >> i just think, just say yes. >> why did i think of that? sh -- why didn't i think of that? >> yes is a band who brought really the innovation of a more technical approach to rock and roll. if you look at the history of where rock and roll was when they came along they upped the ante. much more sophisticated. >> you are saying basically they are the beatles of rock and roll. >> if the beatles were well known. >> exactly, exactly. is this a bigger waste of time or a bigger waste of money? >> i couldn't be more against being in the rock and roll hall of fame. they almost murdered rock and roll. i don't want to contridict
12:45 am
you, clint. >> i had a knife pulled on me at their concert. >> that's how bad they are. people want to start killing people. it is why punk had to be. it is like when the church would only speak latin to as straw size the working classes these snobs come in with their noodling guitar. >> actually i could get into this. >> they really sounded like that they would already be in the hall of fame. >> that was the best version of roundabout. >> it was oppression and it made music an unlistenable wank fest for three guys and then we finally went no! and had the ramones. >> you make a compelling argument. >> i read a study for this, but i didn't know where to begin. i don't know anything about it and about them. i recognize that coping "owner of a lonely heart." >> in your own life?
12:46 am
>> i condemn him. >> you have a wonderful husband and a beautiful dog. i'm sure it has a website now. >> my mom is coming to visit. >> your mom is coming to visit. my mom won't even call me by my first name. >> i have to go. >> the greatest organ solo in history. >> "owner of a lonely heart" much better than the owner of a broken heart. >> they are talented. by the way, we have to pay for that now. $30,000, thanks, gavin. >> post game report coming up.
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time to go back to andy levy for our post game report. >> former college student jailed for tumbler post. the worst thing is he says i plan to shoot up georgia southern and pass this around to see the "affect" this has. he spells it with an a instead of an e.
12:51 am
>> six months sounds okay. dana, you don't understand why they are calling this an artistic statement. it is not they calling it that. he is. >> so are his parents. >> here rete particularly you -- theoretically you could punch him in the face and call it an artistic statement. >> i don't think you could do that, actually. gavin, i agree with you that there is too much fear about school shootings given how rare they are. along those lines, isn't this problem, the kid's bond was set as $20,000 his family can't afford for something that is obviously not a serious threat. isn't that the problem? >> yes. wait, what is the question? >> i am not really sure at this point. >> the problem is, there is such intense fear like it is going to happen to anyone. anytime anything is remotely possible that is may link to a shooting they throw the book at them. >> that's why they set the bond at 20 grand which is higher than people who have
12:52 am
killed people. his family can't afford to pay it and that's why he was stuck in jail. >> it is like emotional-based politics. people see kids in danger and their logic goes through the window. they say, kill them all! bad guys, not the kids. do not kill kids. >> bill, you said this kid is an idiot and he should suffer some consequences. i agree with only for mainly one reason. by having the cops expenned resources for what he wrote which she have to do he cost the taxpayers money. you can't say it is a prank and get off scott free. >> i agree with that, but this seems a little drastic. >> it is absurd. and tumbler in general, a cess pool full of germy people. >> isn't that the bond for that? >> who doesn't have two grand
12:53 am
in their pocket? >> well you have months to get it. >> months and sometimes it takes a longtime. >> they are trying to raise money using go fund >> if they would use kick-starter -- >> i would give them a dollar. >> every family in america has at least $2,000 they can drum up in six months. >> doj dropping mandatory minimum guidelines for certain drug offenders. greg, you said if crime is going down why not build more prisons to provide more jobs? gavin eloquently pointed out, this is stupid, you don't make things illegal to create job. >> i didn't say that. >> you sort of did. >> i said if over crowding is a problem build more prisons. i never said make things more illegal. i am for de criminalization. don't try to twist my words
12:54 am
around. >> you don't make things legal to raise taxpayer dollars which a lot of people use as their reason -- not you, but a lot of people who want to legalize drugs look at the tax dollars we can raise. >> i agree. that's not the reason to do that. >> in faffness, people want to legalize drugs because they want to smoke drugs. >> do you smoke drugs ? >> i don't do any of it. i condemn it, madam. >> dana, you said you are not buying the fact that this will save money. i am not sure you are right about that. along these same lines i don't think that's what this is ultimately about. it is l ridiculous sentences for victimless crimes. >> i said they are trying to make an excuse or say that the reason is they should do this is they can save a bunch of money with the doj. the taxpayers at the end of the day if you do the accounting, these people will cost the taxpayer the same amount of money if they are in prison or out.
12:55 am
>> the great state of texas which was one of the first states to look at new ways toen cars rate fewer and -- 20*en cars rate fewer and low-level offenders, they said they saved millions of tax dollars. >> governor perry is amazing for so many reasons. >> his hair is one. he wrote jesse's girl which is one of the best songs there is. >> she eloquent. you can laugh. you are not. >> the wiener and -- running out of things to say about this guy. >> if you sentence the drug offenders to time in a bus staigs it will solve -- bus station it will solve everything. >> you might be right about that. >> that's what anthony wiener should do? >> he was going back to the other story. dana, i agree with you that spitzer is far, far worse. >> it is definitely what i am saying. he has a commercial that runs
12:56 am
during "cheel of fortune" every night and drives me insane. >> the wiener case seems to be done and you go up and down and up and down and trying to find something -- >> all right, all right. i have to move on. warren buffet's son says charity doesn't solve problems. yes, if my dad gave away 85% of the fortune i would be pissed soon. you said margaritaville is the most profitable song ever. >> it is all of the people buying stuff at his stores. >> they are called parrot heads. unbelievable. >> i want to jump ahead to bo traveling to martha's vineyard by private marine osprey. i figured out why the dog travels separately. guess who aid angels do not travel with them the dog? mohamed. >> again, andy, you wrap it up.
12:57 am
>> but the dog was on the plane. >> was the dog on the plane? >> the dog was on air force 1 from dc to martha's vin vineyard and then an osprey. >> and a flying camel brought the dog. >> that does it to me. i shall see you tomorrow, tomorrow. urance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
back for all of this with this: >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what if he did have a gun? does that give you the right to shoot him in the head? >> police can kill our kids? it's not fair. >> bill: another horrifying death this time a 14-year-old teenager armed with a gunshot down by police. we'll continue our reporting on why these things keep happening. >> i know the press likes to focus on body language and he has got that kind of slouch. looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. >> is that what you say to a pier? is that what you say to somebody you respect? >> bill: war of words between some conservatives and president obama over his description of vladimir putin. but is the president really wrong to call putin out? karl rove will answer that

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